The so-called ‘regular’ medicines often have a strict dosage. This is to prevent poisoning or aggravation of side effects. Too much is never good with medication. A too high dose of Tramadol (heavy painkiller) for example is just life-threatening. At valium, they even give the warning that it is extremely addictive.  What about the dosage of pure CBD oil?

Before going over to the contents of this article, we just wanted to clarify that this blog post is an extension to: Which CBD dosage should I take?


CBD oil dosage, start carefully! Table of Contents


    1. Follow this procedure if you are just starting with CBD oil

    2. CBD Oil: Ways to take

    3. For the ideal CBD dosage…Listen


CBD oil dosage


Although it says on the bottle that you should not exceed the daily recommended amount, the question here is whether there is an overdose that is bad for you. Let your body get used to it. It is absolutely important to get your body used to the CBD. If you use CBD oil for too short a period, the question is whether the effect is noticeable. To say after a week that it does not work does not make any sense. Your body has to get used to the oil.

The endocannabinoid system in your body responds to the CBD oil that supports that system. It probably took years that you have developed all sorts of complaints, so give your body time to support the CBD through the endocannabinoid system your body.


Follow this procedure if you are just starting with CBD oil


Every person is different. No one will respond the same to the CBD oil. No one will respond the same to a certain standard dose. Although there is a recommended dosage on the bottle, this dosage differs per brand.

Start with 1 or 2 drops, 3 times a day. Increase the dosage for 3-4 weeks

Divide the dose over 3 intake moments per day:

  • Morning
  • Afternoon
  • Evening

Increase the dosage until you experience the desired results. Do you have the idea that it really does not work, then rebuild. It is a dosing experiment where you have to take the time. For more specific information and guidelines on CBD dosage, please open the following link:


CBD Oil: Ways to take


The best way to take CBD oil is to drip under the tongue. The active cannabinoids are then directly absorbed by the mucous membrane. This is a very efficient way of CBD dosing. When you swallow it, only 15% of the total active substance will remain and the effect will be less. When ingested, it enters your digestive system and through the liver in your blood. A large part of the active substances will then be broken down by your body before it has an effect. Keep that in mind. CBD is also available in capsules and, for example, in suppositories. With a suppository, it comes faster in your blood than with a capsule. Inhaling via an e-cigarette is also a possibility. See what is the best way for you. The method of intake is a preference that differs per person. Again under the tongue is the best way, because the oil is quickly absorbed through small blood vessels under the tongue. So then the active substance is very quickly in your blood where it can do its job.


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For the ideal CBD dosage…Listen


Overdose is not possible with CBD oil. The amount of active substance will be greater, but that has no effect on its effect or the effect in your body and it is certainly not fatal. Always listen carefully to your body. Maintaining a list of your symptoms, in the beginning, can be a good way to gain insight, but also in the course after taking CBD oil. If you feel that it does not work, ask for advice from an expert. On the internet, there are all kinds of forums CBD, where a lot of knowledge can be found and where you can ask your question too.