The CBD world grows every day and new brands come and go. Some CBD products are made at home in the kitchen and sold through a variety of channels, while others are created in production-grade factories and are lab tested. For newbies, it can be very overwhelming to decide where to find suitable products and which ones you can trust.

What CBD product is best for me?

What is actually in that bottle you are willing to pay a small fortune for? Browsing through an endless amount of products with names you can’t even pronounce can get tiresome and make you feel lost, leading you to give a shot in the dark and still feel uncertain about what you are buying or just give up altogether. This article is an overview of what The Real CBD has to offer with guidelines for which product is best suited to you. This should help you on your journey of finding your perfect CBD product. Before we walk you through the full range of CBD products let’s highlight all the products and their unique properties. The icons on the horizontal axis indicate the product. More information about the products can be found when scrolling down!

The ultimate Real CBD Product guide

Next, we are going to explain the qualities of each product. We differentiate the following categories:


3 CBD Oil-The Real CBD-UK-Denmark-Spain-Germany

3% CBD Oil (300mg CBD in a 10ml dropper bottle)

The 3% CBD oil is good for general body maintenance and overall well-being. It is not a very strong oil so it is a good choice, to begin with, a discover if CBD is something for you. As it is a starting oil you cannot expect to see any major changes, but it is great to start off your journey with CBD. Our pure CBD oil guarantees you a high-quality nutritional supplement derived from European Hemp plants, grown in organic soil.


5% CBD Oil (500mg CBD in 10ml dropper bottle)

The 5% pure CBD oil is good when taken for maintaining a healthy, general well-being. Our body relies on the Endocannabinoid system to stay in homeostasis; an internal balance maintained despite the external ups and downs in life. At times, the body doesn’t produce enough cannabinoids to combat these fluctuations. Adding CBD oil to your wellness routine helps to keep the cannabinoid levels in check.

10� CBD Oil-The Real CBD-UK-Denmark-Spain-Germany

10% CBD Oil (1000mg CBD in 10ml dropper bottle)

The Real CBD’s 10% CBD oil has many benefits. The CBD is produced in an organic and natural way. The harvest is hand-picked and converted into a high-quality CBD product. The flavor of this organic full-spectrum product can be described as nutty and herbal.

15� CBD Oil-The Real CBD-UK-Denmark-Spain-Germany

15% CBD Oil (1500mg CBD in 10ml dropper bottle)

This high-strength oil contains high levels of CBDa, which is the acid form of cannabidiol which has shown positive results. This active ingredient is often lost during production; however, our product is able to maintain the CBDa perfectly thanks to our production process which avoids excessively high temperatures. The 15% pure CBD oil is our best seller because of its wide range of benefits.

8� CBG Oil-The Real CBD-UK-Denmark-Spain-Germany

CBG/CBD Oil (8%CBG/6%/CBD in 10ml dropper bottle)

15� CBG Oil-The Real CBD-UK-Denmark-Spain-Germany

15% CBG Oil (1500mg CBG in 10ml dropper bottle)

Another special CBG oil for anxiety, stress, and depression. This is a formula for more severe cases. For people who maybe have been on mood modifying medication for an extended period of time and would like to try and come off that. Here 15% CBG can help in the transition time. This should of course always be done together with your doctor or healthcare practitioner. The oil has a bitter taste and we have added a little bit of mint to soften the bitterness.

25� CBD Oil-The Real CBD-UK-Denmark-Spain-Germany

25% CBD Oil (2500mg CBD in 10ml dropper bottle)

Pure 25% CBD oil is used to help chemo and radiation patients restore balance. It helps to relieve pain related to Fibromyalgia and MS and helps blood sugar levels in Diabetes II. It is a very potent oil with many benefits. Parkinson’s patients have seen vast improvements in their daily quality of life on this specific CBD oil.

40� CBD Oil-The Real CBD-UK-Denmark-Spain-Germany

40% CBD Oil (2500mg CBD in 10ml dropper bottle)

Our new 40% CBD oil with MCT as carrier oil is a super potent product. It is used for severe pain and for cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy. This CBD oil will create homeostasis and help the body rebalance and fight the disease. It has a nice smooth taste and is easy to dose from the 10ml dropper bottle. You will not find many 40% pure full-spectrum CBD oils on the market – this is a very unique product decently priced and available all year round.

7� CBD Athletes Oil-The Real CBD-UK-Denmark-Spain-Germany

7% CBD/MCT Oil (Athlete Oil) (700mg CBD in 10ml dropper bottle)

Our Athlete oils are specially created with focus after an intense workout. The carrier oil is MCT oil known for its benefits within the sports world. The 7% oil is developed for people who train 2-3 times a week with moderate intensity.

18� CBD Athletes Oil-The Real CBD-UK-Denmark-Spain-Germany

18% CBD/MCT Oil (Athlete Oil) 1800mg CBD in 10ml dropper bottle)

The 18% Athlete oil is already our best seller and became famous in the sports world. The fact that it can reduce D.O.M.S for athletes and sports professionals who do intense training 4-7 days a week and restore quickly is a huge welcome in the training society.

5� CBD oil with turmeric-The Real CBD-UK-Denmark-Spain-Germany

5% CBD Oil with Turmeric & Black Pepper (500mg CBD/200mg Turmeric in 10ml dropper bottle)

This combination is a match made in heaven. The black pepper provides better absorption of turmeric through the body.

10� CBD oil with turmeric-The Real CBD-UK-Denmark-Spain-Germany

10% CBD Oil with Turmeric & Black Pepper(1000mg CBD/200mg Turmeric in 10ml dropper bottle)

This powerful formula is designed to help support a healthy lifestyle. Turmeric has been used traditionally in both Ayurvedic and Chinese cultures. The active compounds in turmeric are called curcuminoids, which includes the notable curcumin, known for its powerful antioxidant activity.

15� CBd oil no THC-The Real CBD-UK-Denmark-Spain-Germany

100% THC Free CBD Oil (1500mg CBD in 10ml dropper bottle)

An oil created for people who regularly go through drug testing in their work or at the sports club. This oil is made with CBD and organic olive oil ONLY and is 100% THC free.


120mg CBD Balm (120mg CBD in 30ml jar)

This balm is a fantastic help for minor skin conditions such as dry patches, redness, or smaller wrinkles. It is beeswax-based so it gives moisture and provides the skin with vitamins and minerals.


300mg CBD Balm (300mg CBD in 30ml jar)

The balm comes with a lovely lavender scent and will last you a long time.


100mg CBD E-liquid (100mg CBD in a 10ml bottle)

This bottle gives approx. 200 drops. Vaping CBD is a very affordable, direct, and convenient option for your daily CBD intake. We have chosen to make our E-liquid flavorless so you can blend it with your favorite E-liquid flavor.


150mg CBD E-Liquid (150mg CBD in a 10ml bottle)

A slightly stronger E-liquid. CBD E-liquid is considered the most bioavailable way to take Cannabidiol. This is because it enters the bloodstream via the lung capillaries quicker than it would if it’s ingested in food via the stomach with drops.


500mg CBD E-Liquid (150mg CBD in a 10ml bottle)

Full-spectrum CBD e-juice means it is made from the whole cannabis plant. This ensures that as well as Cannabidiol, the source also contains terpenoids, (terpenes). By inhaling CBD, it goes directly to the spot, and the effect is faster and more effective.



CBD Lollipops (25mg CBD in 40g Lollipop)

CBD edibles have always been popular. Our lollies come in many flavors and are an easy and convenient method to get your daily dosage of CBD, especially if you’re on the move. We have minimized the amount of sugar by using pectin to get the best consistency. As this product still contains sugar, we recommend only using it when necessary and not as a daily addition to your CBD regime.


Water Soluble CBD Powder 2.8% in Capsules – Full Spectrum

Microencapsulated Full Spectrum cannabinoids with 5 times bioavailability to conventional CBD oil.

Free from taste and aroma of hemp and can be mixed in any drink, smoothie, coffee, or tea. Simply open the capsules and you can sprinkle it over your food, or use it in your cooking. Mix it into your face creams or body lotion. You can of course also just take the capsule as it is.

This CBD powder is probably the most versatile cannabidiol product on the market without being GMO or NANO technology. Allowing you to use less for greater benefits.

Recommended daily dosage: 1-2 capsules

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